1971-10-01 to 1972-06-01

When it first appeared in France, in 1972, Anti-Oedipus was hailed as a masterpiece by some and decried as "a work of heretical madness" by others. Given that this book’s publication is imminent at the time of this Seminar, these sessions constitute an intervention by Deleuze that offers a preview to the opening work of his collaboration with Félix Guattari.

In his "Letter to a Harsh Critic" that appears in Negotiations, Deleuze describes his collaboration: "And then there was my meeting with Felix Guattari, the way we understood and complemented, depersonalized and singularized - - in short, loved -- one another. Out of that came Anti-Oedipus, and it takes things a step further." Little more needs to be said.

Lectures in this Seminar

Anti-Oedipus I / 01
Anti-Oedipus I / 02
Anti-Oedipus I / 03
Anti-Oedipus I / 04
Anti-Oedipus I / 05
Anti-Oedipus I / 06
Anti-Oedipus I / 07
Anti-Oedipus I / 08
Anti-Oedipus I / 09