October 24, 1978 to June 5, 1979

As we currently only possess one lecture from 1978-79, we refer to Deleuze's opening lecture on 6 November 1979 in which he describes the work undertaken in the previous Seminar, the first year devoted to the State Apparatus & War-Machines:

"What we did last year, … we were occupied with this [hypothesis] for almost the entire year, … a kind of abstract opposition between what we called, broadly speaking, ‘the war machine’, and what we called ‘the State apparatus’, or … to pinpoint it better, ‘apparatus of capture’. And we said: the war machine and the apparatus of capture or the State apparatus: these are not at all the same thing. … What struck us was that, if it is true that nomads invented the war machine, it is in specific environments, in determinate conditions and directed precisely against State apparatuses, and that the war machine was a kind of riposte, of parade, with regard to the State apparatus, to the apparatuses of capture, even if the two entered into very complex relations and a very complex intimacy. For example, the nomadic war machines formed States, or the States appropriated war machines. But that is not what we wanted to focus on.  Our subject was this: that they participated in concrete mixtures that must indeed be concretely analysed, but from the point of view of polar oppositions, with a view to a certain kind of abstract opposition."

The sole lecture currently available in this Seminar represents the collaborative nature of Deleuze's work with his students, a dialogue in which Deleuze pursues the multidisciplinarity aspects of the concepts that he and Guattari are developing for the second volume of Capitalism and Schizophrenia.

Lectures in this Seminar