Le celeste
A still from Pascal Auger's 2004 video, Le céleste 

Pascal Auger (b. 1955) is a French film and video artist. Auger attended Deleuze's seminars from 1975-1987, first at the University of Vincennes, and then at Saint-Denis, from 1975 to 1987. He was a lecturer at Saint-Denis from 1980 to 1982, and then worked with Deleuze on the concept of l'espace quelconque [any-space-whatever], which Deleuze was developing in the seminars for The Movement-Image

In 1991, he was awarded a prize at the Madrid Contemporary Art Fair (ARCO). In 1996, he was awarded a prize at Villa Kujoyama in Japan, where he met the writer Jean-Philippe Toussaint and the Spanish composer José Manuel López López, with whom he would collaborate several times, including the 2020 piece, La trace for Clarinet Quartet, four amplifiers and ‎video.

From 1975 onwards, Auger made "experimental" films, influenced by American structural cinema. In 1977, he participated in Melba4, an avant-garde film magazine. In 1996, he turned to video art and made documentaries on artists such as the poet Michel Bulteau, the writers Dominique Noguez and Jean-Philippe Toussaint, and the dancer Didier Théron.

Auger discusses his work with Deleuze and the experience of attending Deleuze's seminars in a 2011 interview with Nicolas Rousseau (here, in French).