May 6, 1980 to June 3, 1980

At the request of students in the seminar, Deleuze agrees to close the year, as well as his years at Vincennes, with reflections not only on Anti-Oedipus (as A Thousand Plateaus is about to appear in print), but also on more general topics in his writings. While Deleuze’s remarks in the first session are generated from specific questions and comments from participants, the second session consists almost solely of Deleuze speaking, continuing where he left off the previous week and presenting material developed over a decade earlier, in Logic of Sense. Moreover, the final session held on the Vincennes campus was filmed (as during the 1975-76 seminars) by Marielle Burkhalter, and the transcript is based both on the filmed and taped records.

Please note that the session recording available on YouTube contains fifteen minutes at the end heretofore not transcribed and untranslated which is presented for the first time on the Deleuze Seminars site.

Anti-Oedipus and other Reflections