October 1, 1976 to May 3, 1977

Following publication of Anti-Oedipus in 1972, Deleuze continues to develop the proliferation of concepts that his collaboration with Guattari had yielded. Throughout the 1970s, Deleuze and Guattari’s interest in expanding these concepts continues, eventually producing the sequel, A Thousand Plateaus. In this group of lectures, Deleuze offers the multi-faceted focus of the semester’s work, mainly to distinguish two forms of segmentarity or two types of multiplicities, in seven different directions: 1) biographical, 2) organization, 3) centralization, 4) signification (signifiance), 5) sociability, 6) subjectivation, and 7) planification.

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A Thousand Plateaus II: Two Forms of Segmentarities